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Love Letters to the Eagle in the Wind" "Love Letters to the Eagle in the Wind"

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Poem: "Loving and Wanting" Poem:

"Loving and Wanting"

Behind closed doors, I read classics and histories;
Going out, I sought connections.
With my brush, I dashed off compositions,
And observing the times, had many a criticism.
I cast a cold eye on common men,
And with sophistries tripped up wise men of the age.
Riches and position seemed scarcely worth mention;
My true desire is to leave a name through time.
Poetry of Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) Ma Chi-yuen
(Ma Zhi-yuan, 1260-1334)
Autumn Ni Tsan (Ni Can, 1301-1374)
Expressing What Is in My Heart (Fragment)

Time present
time past
Are both
present in
time future,
time future contained
in time past.

(T.S. Eliot)


"love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs". William Shakespeare


Enter to the Ylia's heart ......Sunset at Cozumel, Quintana Roo - Mexico (Ylia's pictures)


I love you as the acoustic guitar,
Amidst nostalgia and hindrance,
I love you as the peasant
who knows about his land
And gets to understand life....

Yours, Ylia Kazama


A meteor has disguised the stars, those stars ready to fulfill your hopes,
like atoms, like deeds, like spikes on men's eyelids, men like you, hearts
beating in unison, preparing earthly balls for the angels to be kind to Mary,
who will someday be able to write a subtle letter, succinct, to convey the
meaning of her feelings, and while reading it, you will blissfully grin.

"Love Letters to the Eagle in the Wind"


This is an instant..... Ylia ..... click here.....
This is an instant,
it is you and it is my heart
which are in the mirror.
Thanks for your arrival.

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